About KALOS Experience

We are licensed healthcare professionals who have come together to create a fitness experience from the heart. We combined our years of professional experience to bring KALOS to you, our beloved Kansas City community. Each Kalos Experience focuses on increasing heart rate variability, breath awareness and your connection with yourself and your community.   

KALOS is more than just a class, more than yoga, way more than a workout. It’s a movement, which is funny, because it’s all about movement…moving energy through our bodies, moving our bodies in ways that extend beyond stretching and jumping. It looks like a yoga + cardio class but it goes way deeper than that.
— Mindy W
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Julie Harkleroad

Julia Harkleroad



Julia is a clinically licensed psychotherapist and mindfulness coach.  She is the “mind” behind KALOS and brings years of experience working with people “stuck” in negative energy states, weighed down by trauma, grief and stress to the design and philosophy of the KALOS Experience.  At age 12, Julia self-diagnosed and sought treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  In college, she re-entered treatment for major depression with suicidal ideation.  Working from the inside out herself, Julia is a case study in the power of physical movement paired with breathing techniques to master depression, anxiety and self-hate.  Looking for a way to mobilize mindfulness and an outlet to express and teach others these mind/body methods, Julia found KALOS Experience. 

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Wendy Zoog


Wendy is a registered nurse, yoga teacher and lover of movement.  She is the “body” behind KALOS and brings years of anatomical study and application to the method and composition of the KALOS Experience. Wendy worked as an orthopedic nurse at Research Medical Center and at Menorah Medical Center’s Multi-Specialty unit in Pain Management. She began practicing yoga in 2000 and began teaching yoga in 2013. An expert in the body, as well as a spiritual seeker, Wendy sought a way to synthesize the principles of yoga with cardiovascular activity, and ultimately focused her expertise on Founding the KALOS Experience.