How can I sign up for kalos experience?

Weekly classes are offered at The Space KC.  Join the mailing list to be the first to know about KALOS Experience special events around Kansas City!  

Here is what Kansas City says about the KALOS Experience:

I love everything about KALOS. It is a challenging physical workout but it is also emphasizes the mind/body connection that is so important. KALOS is unique in that is benefits not just your physical body but your mental health as well. I only wish I’d found it sooner.
— Laura H
Having had back surgery, and having two small children, I’m very particular about what exercise I chose to do so as to not get injured and preserve my back. I find KALOS to be safe, and the perfect class for strength & endurance, but with an added spiritual component that is difficult to describe. It’s just an amazing gift to give yourself.
— Libby C
KALOS is unlike anything else I’ve ever tried. It brings a room together in this way that is so hard to explain, but so easy to understand once you’ve done it. All sorts of people come in, with all kinds of things going on in their lives, but while they’re there, in that room all together, you’re part of something so powerful and positive and awesome. Every single time I take myself to KALOS, I leave feeling more! More connected, happier, more like the kind of person I love to think I am. It’s a real gift. We’re super lucky to have Wendy and Julia - and the people who move and KALOS together. TRY IT!!!
— Mindy W


Every experience begins slowly, awakening all the major muscle groups while focusing on breath awareness. You will move through a series of powerful heart-pumping cardio and strength intervals curated to music. As your heart rate rises and falls you will surpass your physical and mental limits, revealing a new and empowered mind-body connection. Every experience ends with deep stretch and grounding meditation.






You will make sounds.  Energy gets congested by your daily modern living which leads to the development of physical symptoms such as pain, despair, fatigue and dysfunction.  Synchronizing sound to movement massages the internal organs and expels stale energy states, helping the body rid itself of what no longer serves an adaptive purpose.  In a KALOS Experience you will make two main sounds.  The soothing sound of “AHHH”, reflected by the element of AIR and located in the heart center connects to the lungs and chest and increases circulation, self-acceptance and love.  The powerful sound of “HA!”, reflected in the element of EARTH, located in the base of the spine and pelvic floor, connects to the adrenals, sexual organs and bones and increases metabolism, sense of security and safety. 



You will experience stillness through meditation.  After physical exertion, your body and mind are more open to falling into stillness with ease.  It is normal to experience a “high” after a KALOS Experience as well as any series of emotions that have been released and allowed to rise to the surface.  It is OK to feel everything.  You are becoming a more balanced version of yourself.